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          You may see ads like this: “I made $2000 in three days with this paid to click site and turned in my resignation. I am now editing this website on the beach in Fiji, while my former co-workers are still commuting to a dead end job in 30 below zero Michigan. If you send your email to me, I’ll send you a free video with all my secrets to how I did it.” This is definitely not possible, at least for new members without investment. There may be some exceptional cases where few people are making few hundreds of dollars per day, they are either invested huge amount money or they are working for more than 3-4 years.

           Paid-to-Click (PTC) Website is usually a site owned by an individual or small group of business people. Such Web sites offer cash to the public for joining and viewing advertisers business or social sites for a period of time. This is usually 15-30 seconds each time. Advertisers will pay the owners of these sites by purchasing inexpensive advertisement offers from them. The owners will in turn show these advertisements to their members and pay them cash for doing so.

In some websites, members are also paid to refer new members (Direct referrals) and are paid a percentage of the benefits earned by these persons. That is done when the new members earn cash from participation or pay for upgrades to premium memberships. In some cases, members can buy referrals (Rented referrals) from the site owners. That is, if a person joins without being referred by a current active member of the same website, then that person is available as rented referral.

          Advertisers at PTC Sites are usually small business owners on the Internet. They will join a site as a regular free member, but will function specifically as an advertiser by buying advertising from the owners. Some examples of PTC offers are direct country target ads, manual surf click exchange ads, click and view ads, paid to read emails or advertisements, completing surveys ads, guaranteed sign-ups or cash to join a program, jackpots and games, and some sites even offer HITs (Human Intelligence Tasks). This is how PTC members can earn good amount of money.

          Definitely a Paid-to-Click (PTC) Website Business is genuine, but there are more fraudulent sites on the Internet than genuine ones. So everyone who is interested in becoming a member or doing advertising business with a PTC must do some homework before joining. Some are operated with online proficiency or in a very professional manner, while others are just fraudulent sites. The benefits to members are very good at times if the site membership is large or growing fast. Advertisers in turn can reach customers directly and effectively for a low cost. They can monitor their spending and returns online. So for both members and advertisers, there are good benefits.

           Do you want to know how to make money online with paid to click websites? I believe that you do, otherwise you won’t read this article, don’t you? Well, you made a right move and I won’t waste your time because I personally have done some research and avoid all those scam sites before I signed up for free with these 10 websites online. When I say that they are the top 10 websites that will help you to make money online, that means they are not highest paying sites, but they will definitely pays what you have earned. You can’t buy a Ferrari by PTC earnings, but PTC will surely help you to pay off some of your bills and at least you will have some fast cash.

        1. Sign up 5-10 legit websites (There is no registration fees) because one website won’t make you that much, but if you have 10 sites, then it will make the differences.

        2. Refer others and let more people click for you and that will increase your earning much faster.

        3. Promote all your referral links with article marketing (write an article and post all your links in there. The more articles you write, the more people will get to know your legit PTC websites and sign up with your referral links).

          I have a list of legit PTC sites for you. It would be nice if you can sign up with the links provided below. If not, you might have to spend more times to do some search by yourself and may end up get the same result as I do. Well, I hope you will make the smart move and start to make money online right now. Enjoy your earning online.


Tips & Warnings

  • Try to find programs that pay you maximum 1 cent per click. More than this means that might be a scam site.
  • Tell your friends about PTC and let them join using your referral link.
  • Better to click all the ads on 4-6 PTC sites, than to click a few on 20 different sites. You will get paid faster with clicking all the ads.
  • Setup an online payment account to receive payments if you do not want to wait on a paper check.
  • Brand new websites offering to pay for users to watch advertisements are often scams. Look for a site that has a history of paying users for at least six months to a year.
  • Only one account per site per house is allowed, never even think of creating 2 accounts or else your both account will be blocked.
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